22nd Mediterranean

Lions Conference

21 - 24 March 2019 Beirut - Lebanon

Dear colleagues,lions and friends of the Mediterranean region.

Lebanon the land of hospitality and generosity is hosting the 22nd Mediterranean conference from 21 to 24 march 2019 under the theme “Reach beyond the horizon”.

 Let us share together and in the presence of our international president Gudrun Yngvadottir and other high LCI officers the issues on obstacles and solutions to a healthier environment, youth and Mediterranean sea to reach beyond the horizon.

This Mediterranean “solidarity observatory” aims at increasing awareness and motivation towards realization and implementation of procedure to provide a better cultural understanding, environmental social and economical future.

Our mediterranean countries are in high need to encourage interaction and exchange of culture through the youth communities especially between the north and south rives and amongst each other .

 This will establish strong links of service and understanding amongst the various shores of the Mediterranean sea.

GST Area Leader

President of the organising committee

PDG Samir Abou Samra

Dear Mediterranean Lions and Leos

 If new global challenges and threats are multiplying and undermining social cohesion in a world where interdependence is growing and solidarity is diminishing and the constant question remains as to how we may best approach the unity-in-diversity way of life, or to learn how to live together by fully participating in the infinite wealth of the cultures of the our region, the Mediterranean Lions have the answers to these challenges.

The main objectives of the Lions Mediterranean Solidarity Observatory is to promote the diffusion of Lionism in the Mediterranean area, but to promote the diffusion and knowledge of different cultures as an expression of a common origin and history, as well.

 In our annual Mediterranean Conference we discuss important social, economic and environmental topics, we share information regarding our humanitarian projects and initiatives and we strengthen our friendship and create new partnerships.

 I am glad that Lions from Lebanon will host the 22nd Lions Mediterranean Conference 2019 in Beirut. Lebanon is a beautiful country with important history and Lebanese Lions are well known around the world for their activities. Therefore I’d like to invite all Lions from the Mediterranean to join us. It surely will be a great conference and a new experience for all of us.


 PDG Dorijan Maršič

MSO Coordinator

Fellow Mediterranean Lions,

 On behalf of District 351 it is my pleasure to extend a warm invitation to you to attend your 22nd Mediterranean Conference in Beirut, Lebanon on March 21-24, 2019.

 We invite you to explore new opportunities and to work together to “Reach beyond the Horizon”.

 A well-known Lebanese hospitality, a beautiful weather and an interesting program are awaiting you. Do not miss the fun and the fellowship! Ahlan wa Sahlan, as we say here!

Dr. Nasrallah Borgi

District Governor, 351 2017-2018

 I am very glad and enthusiastic about holding the 22nd Mediterranean conference in Beirut, in the capital of District 351 during my term as District governor.

It will be a very important event, especially in the presence of our 1st time ever Lady President Gudrun Yngvadottir. We wish to support the sail of the Mediterranean boat in the proper direction to save guard our societies and environments. We are pleased to do all what is necessary for the success of this conference.

 Architect Elie Zeinoun

District Governor, 351 2018 – 2019

General Committee

  • 1.     Visas:
    • Imad Ajami
    • Ibrahim Mahfoud


  • 2.     Airport reception:
    • Désirée Ghanem 
    • Bouchra Soueid
    • Jihad Timani                            (Protocol support in reception and events)
    • Marwan Ezzeddine               (Protocol support in reception and events)


  • 3     Tourism and culture responsible:
    • Fadia Chehwan and Nathalie Touma
  • 4.     Transportation &Tours committee :
    • Désirée Ghanem
    • Bouchra Soueid

National wine tourism :

  • Nathalie Touma




  • 5.     Metropolitan hotel reception + Orientation:
    • Nadine Wazen
    • Sanaa Ajami
    • Badra Toulani
    • Reine Jabbour 
    • Rachid Kaii
    • Leos


  • 6.     Habtoor hotel reception :
    • Rima Maalouf 
    • Aida Maalouf
    • Dunia Ajram
    • Nadra Najm
    • Daad Amoun
    • Leos


Responsible for all registrations: Georges Daaboul


  • 7.     Registration counter Metropolitan:
    • Shant Havatian
    • Randa Badr
  • 8.     Registration Habtoor (Foreigners):
  • Lucie Roland
  • Grace Hakmeh
  • Siham Trad




  • 9.     Registration Counter Habtoor (Local):
  • Abdo Samaha
  • Zahra Chamma
  • Ziad Chamma
  • Nadia Jamal

Accounting responsible: Michel Hassoun (Metropolitan + overall)

  • 10.     Accounting Committee:
    • Ibrahim Baz (Habtoor : local + Foreigners)


  • Martine Cortas (Metropolitan : local)


  • 11.     Collection tables :
    • Marie Claire Abou Jaoude (Metropolitan)
    • Mona Audi (Metropolitan)
    • Fares Ashkar
    • Sanaa Ajami (Habtoor : local)
    • Antoine Botros (Habtoor local)
    • Wassim Riachi (Habtoor local)


Présentations committee responsible : Nadine Bechara

  • 12.     Presentations committee:
    • Reine Jabbour
    • Sara Hilal
    • Imad Ajami (Production)


Auspices + PR committee responsible: Hoda Abou Samra and Carole Rassi

  • 13.    Auspices + PR committee
    • Sara Hilal
    • Robert Freiha
    • Graziella Issa
    • Lena Zahab
    • Rima Maalouf
    • Aida Maalouf


      Seminars committee responsible: Alia Moussan

  • 14.    Seminars committee


      IT committee responsible: Antoine Saad

  • 15.  IT committee:
    • Hady Husseini


  • 16.  Gala Dinner:
  • Zeina Ayoub
  • Nada Hreiz
  • Desiree Ghanem
  • Bassam Sinno


  • 17.   Welcome Dinner
  • Jihane Hajj
  • Bassam Sinno


  • 18.   Traditional Dinner:
  • Graziella Dick (responsible)
  • Grace Hakmeh (Organisor)
  • Lucie Roland (Organisor)
  • Randa Badr (M.C)


  • 19.   Translation:
  • Alia Moussan
  • Antoine Saad


     Administration and Publication committee responsible: Nawal Bechara


   General coordination committee responsible: Jihad Abdel Massih

  • 21.   General Coordination Committee:
    • Rima Kanaan
    • Emile El Nour
    • Eddy Abi Antoun
    • Sabine Skayrak
    • Dani Kordahi
    • Leos, Marie Joe Abi Younis


  • 22.   Sponsorship committee:
    • Caren Salloum
    • Khouloud Halabi
    • Joseph Mimassi
    • Elias Antonios
    • Kawthar Ghantous
    • Antoinne Khalil





       Design and Graphics Responsible: Samar Fawaz

  • 23.    Design and graphics committee:
    • Nadine Lawandos (Social media and fabrication)
    • Espiridon Smeira
    • Doris Sokhon


      Jordanian delegation committee responsible: Aida Kaawar

  • 24.   Information and Press:
  • PID Moussan
  • PDG Samir Abou Samra
  • 25.   Jordanian committee: (PR + IT + Registration)
  • Fadwa Abou Zeid
  • Sima Bouchi
  • Nidaa Abou Alia

Executive Committee

Conferences dedicated to building remarkable events.

General Program

Conferences dedicated to building remarkable events.


1. Official Speakers (Opening Ceremony):

  • President of the organizing Committee  Samir Abou Samra
  • International President: Gudrun Yngvadottir
  • MSO Coordinator Dorijan Marsic
  • International Dignataries Salim Moussan
  • District Governor D.351 Elie Zeinoun
  • Subjects and Seminars Speakers: To be determined and notified later on when available


2. Subjects and Seminars Speakers: To be determined and notified later on when available


Conferences dedicated to building remarkable events.

Venue and Tours


Hilton Habtoor & Metropolitan Hotels


  • 1st 50 Participants : 500 euros / double occupancy.
  • Before 15 oct. 2018: 550 euros / double occupancy.
  • After 15 oct. 2018: 600 euros / double occupancy.

200 euros extra for single occupancy

Rate includes

3 nights Hilton Hotel - Metropolitan
3 Dinners / 2 Lunches
Coffee breaks / Kit / Transfer

Optional Tours

  • Jeita / Harissa - Lunch in Jbeil
  • Faqra Ruins - Lunch in Mzaar
  • Baalbeck - Lunch in Zahleh
  • BeitEddine / Moussa Palace - Lunch in Deir el Qamar

60 euros per tour

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